Puppy Board & Train

R for Relief & Results

As cute & adorable as puppies are, they don’t come pre-programmed with the rules of polite behavior for human society—peeing in the right places, chewing their own toys only, not using the needle sharp teeth on humans, coming when called, etc. Our unique home-based puppy board & train program teaches your pup the rules of modern family living.

Get a jumpstart to a fabulous adult dog

Board & Train is a unique approach to raising a puppy. Send your bundle of energy to live with our trainer during the week and enjoy a calmer, well behaved puppy.

How does the program work?

We only do Board & Train for one or two dogs at a time to ensure that your puppy gets individualized care and attention, multiple training sessions and field trips in a day combined with adequate play time. Puppies should be between 10 to 14 weeks at the start of the program.

Consultation: Determine if this is a right fit for your puppy with a 90-minute session.

Goal Setting: Discuss the right package based on your goals.

Training:Your puppy lives at the trainer’s home to learn the skills needed.

Transfer Sessions: During each drop off, we do a sixty-minute transfer lesson to show you everything your puppy learned and leave you with limited practice work.

Maintenance Lessons: It’s easy for the puppy to go back to his old ways without proper reinforcement and management. We understand the challenges of juggling work and life, and ill help you sustain your puppy’s newly acquired behaviors through continued lessons and support.


Socialization and Problem Prevention Package:

(2 weeks living with the trainer, 2 transfer lessons and 2 maintenance lessons)

Jumpstart socialization (introducing the world to your puppy), problem prevention and confidence building. Your puppy will learn to settle down calmly in the crate and any place else, be okay when left alone, where to pee and where not to, play appropriately with other dogs, meet people confidently, what’s free game for chewing and what isn’t, body handling for grooming and veterinary visits, coming when called, drop-it on cue.

After the completion of the board & train program, get FREE enrollment in the Basic Manners class and 3 months of free phone and email support.


Initial Assessment and Goal Setting: $165

Board & Train Tuition: $2900*

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Socialization, Problem Prevention and Obedience Package

(4 weeks living with the trainer, spends weekends with you, 4 transfer sessions and 2 maintenance lessons)

Your puppy will foundational obedience learn in addition to everything that’s included in the Socialization and Problem Prevention Package. We cover pay attention to us — no matter where we are, sit, down, stand, come, leave-it, drop-it, walking nicely on the leash, wait to get out of the car or go out the door, greet people politely.

After the completion of the board & train program, get a FREE enrollment in the About Town Public Manners – Impulse Control class and 3 months of free phone and email support.


Initial Consultation and Goal Setting: $165

Tuition: $4600*

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*If your puppy has isolation issues, gets stressed in the crate, or has any behaviors that require problem solving, we will need to add additional training weeks. This will change the over all cost of the package (Rate per extra board & train week: $1150).

Board & Train FAQ’s

Why should I send my puppy for board & train or day school?

We understand life and it’s challenges — between work, school, kids, homework, family, friends, and other commitment, it’s hard to find time to learn to train a puppy. We also know that the critical learning time in a dog’s life is between 3 to 12 weeks. Our certified, experienced trainer will spend dedicated time with your puppy to get the training results for you in a fraction of the time and will provide continued help and support for stronger, lasting results.

You wouldn’t hire a lawyer to learn to argue your case and neither would you hire a mechanic to learn to fix your car’s engine. Why hire a trainer to learn how to train your puppy? Leave it to a certified professional to assist you in getting the dog of your dreams, while you focus on other critical things in your life.


Does this guarantee a well-adjusted dog for the rest of it’s life?

Ah! We’re so glad you asked this question.There cannot be any guarantee’s when it comes to behavior. Behavior issues are a result of genetics and/or a bad, traumatic, learned experience, especially if it happens during puppyhood.

What we can guarantee is a jumpstart to the best possible education he can get, to reach his full potential – and safe, effective and early socialization is the key to this. This means any situation you’d like your puppy to happily accept as an adult – including interacting with people, places, animals, obstacles, sounds and objects — you must introduce to him frequently and positively before he reaches four months of age.

Think of this like: Learning numbers in school doesn’t guarantee you will be able to solve complex mathematical problems with ease, but it sure gives you a foundation you can build on. It takes time and practice. Training is a process. It’s important to continue to build the behaviors your puppy learns.


Puppy Day School:

Not sure you want to send your puppy for Board & Train? Think Puppy Day School.


What is Puppy Day School?

  • Your puppy spends 6-7 hours a day with our certified trainer to learn the rules of your house and comes home to you at night.


  • We leave you with 15 minutes of daily homework.


  • You can be a part of your puppy’s training process and enjoy your puppy daily without actually doing any heavy lifting. We will take care of that for you.


  • Who wouldn’t love coming home to a tired and calm puppy, after a long day at work, with dinner and kid’s homework still on their evening checklist?


How does this work?

  • You drop-off the puppy at the trainer’s home at the scheduled time and pick him up later


  • Our certified trainer will spend dedicated time with your puppy to achieve the goals we discuss during the initial consultation


  • We spend 5-10 minutes each day, during the pick up time, to share your puppy’s learning and will leave you with 15 minutes of written practice work


  • We have very flexible drop-off and pick-up times


Convert Board & Train to Puppy Day School with these packages:

Socialization and Problem Prevention Package

  • 15 days with the trainer – 6 to 7 hours a day
  • Two 60-minute transfer sessions
  • Two 60-minute maintenance lessons
  • Basic Manners group class after the completion of the program


Socialization, Problem Prevention and Obedience Package

  • 30 days with the trainer – 6 to 7 hours a day
  • Four 60-minute transfer sessions
  • Two 60-minute maintenance lessons after the completion of the time with the trainer
  • Next Level group class after the completion of the program

What package is right for my puppy?


  • All programs are designed to make sure that your puppy receives the best education he should.


  • Both Puppy Day School and  Board & Train programs ensure that we are able to successfully transfer the learning to you.


  • Your participation throughout the program is crucial for it’s success. This involves daily practice work with your puppy for at least 15 to 30 minutes.


  • Confused between packages? We are here to help. Schedule an initial consultation to review your individual goals with your puppy and let us help you choose.