Dog-Dog Aggression

R for Relief

Living with a dog that barks, growls, and lunges at other dogs while on leash, has trouble sharing with fellow canines, is unable to hang out with his own kind without conflict is not only stressful for their humans, but is also very stressful for the dog — not to mention it effects their quality of life.

We can help you address this and bring your dog’s behavior to a manageable level giving you the peace of mind you deserve! It really is possible!

Choose the growly dog program that best suits your needs

Barking, growling, and lunging at other dogs when on leash—Imagine walks without having to jump behind parked cars to avoid an outburst. Difficulty sharing balls, toys, and spaces with canine housemates or dogs at the park — Imagine no longer worrying about your dog playing or sharing space without conflict. General aggressive behavior toward other dogs—Imagine being able to trust your dog to say hello to a fellow canine without fireworks.

Growly Dog Group Training Class

Growly Dog Group Training Class

Walking the dog is supposed to be fun. Relaxing, even. But it’s hard to relax and enjoy yourself when your best friend is growling and lunging at every dog he sees. Our certified dog trainer will guide you and your group through fun, carefully orchestrated exercises designed to change how your dog feels about seeing other dogs while on leash—and how he behaves when he does, too.


Leash reactive dogs who are otherwise social, and who are comfortable around human strangers


6 one-hour sessions + group orientation (people ONLY, no dogs allowed at the orientation)


$380 for the Group Class
$800 for a Growly Dog Combo Pack of class + 3 Private Training Sessions

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All our Growly Dog classes are currently waitlisted until January 2020. Please send an email if you’d like to join the wait list.

Growly Dog Public Manners Finishing Class

Designed to boost your confidence and help your dog handle all manner of situations, we take Growly Dog graduates on the road. Weekly trips to various neighborhoods, parks, and other appropriate settings let you and your dog practice your new skills in real-life situations. You’ll walk with a small group of fellow Growly Dog grads, guided by your training instructor. You will also be a part of our free Meet Up and Facebook group connecting you with other owners for additional help & support, if needed.


Dogs graduated from Growly Dog Class, or by invitation after Private Training


Monthly membership of 4 one-hour sessions can be renewed repeatedly


$400 with the option to sign up for monthly membership as long as you need

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Growly Dogs Private Training Programs

Choose the private training package that works best for you

Growly Dog Day Training

  • We Train Your Dog For You
  • Our trainer will train your dog for you at home or out and about where you need him to be on his best calm behavior around other dogs.
  • Then we’ll transfer our training results to you.

Growly Dog Private Coaching

  • Learn to train your dog, with our trainer as your private coach
  • Our trainer will meet you at a time and location convenient to you.
  • We’ll lay some training foundation then work with you at home, in the park, or out on guided training walks.


Assessment Consult & Goal Setting: $230

Growly Dog Day Training

3 weeks of training: $2250

(11 training sessions and 4 transfer sessions)

Growly Dog Private Coaching

3 sessions @180 each: $540
6 sessions @170 each: $1020

9 sessions @160 each:$1440

Schedule the Initial Consultation


Each training session is 60 minutes long

Private Training + Class Combo Packs

Want personalized attention & help? Combine Group Classes & Private Training

Have a leash reactive dog? Having trouble deciding between group classes and private training? You don’t have to. With our Combo packs for dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs while on leash, you can have the benefits of both.


Growly Dog Combo Pack #1
6 weeks of group Growly Dog class + 3 private coaching sessions: $700


Growly Dog Combo Pack #2

Growly Dog Group Training Class ($320) + 8 private coaching sessions ($880): $1200


Growly Dog Combo Pack #3

Growly Dog Group Training Class ($320) + 3 weeks of day training – 10 training sessions and 2 transfer sessions ($1320): $1640

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Why does he do that??

Our clients and students often ask us why their dogs behave the way they do. When it comes to aggression, fear is usually the culprit.

What? He hardly looks scared, you say. We know. He looks kind of scary doing all that barking and growling and lunging toward the other dog. But many dogs learn that when you bark and growl and lunge things move away from you. It’s really a pretty smart technique, when you think about it. Not a very socially acceptable one, though!

Okay, you say, but why is he so scared in the first place? A lot of factors. Genetics, Lack of appropriate early socialization or even too much exposure overwhelming the puppy, Some learned etc.,

In the case of leash reactive dogs, in most cases it could be that the dog is upset or uncomfortable being constrained by a leash as his ability to move away is restricted.

It could be lack of experience. Dogs who don’t grow up around other dogs during puppyhood often suffer from what we call lack of appropriate socialization. Think of it this way: If you kept a child away from other children until she was 7 years old there’s a good chance she’d have a hard time being socially polite. The barking, growling, snapping, lunging or just symptoms. To solve leash reactivity, we need to change your dog’s emotions.

So what can I do?

Our growly dog training includes two approaches: We teach your dog there’s nothing to be afraid of, and we show him new, more effective ways to behave when he sees or interacts with another dog. We also work on your body language to ensure that there is no conflicting communication between you and your dog.

This one-two combination is designed to get your dog feeling more comfortable around other dogs, and you feeling less stressed as a result.

Choose the Dog-Dog Aggression Program that works for you:

Group Classes for Leash Reactive Dogs:

Group class for leash reactive dogs??

Yes. Group classes are a great way to learn and practice new behaviors in a safe, supportive environment surrounded by fellow dog owners who understand what you’re experiencing.

Location & Schedule:

Palo Alto – A Dog’s Life

Address: 885 Commercial St, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Class Sessions: Saturday 4.30 to 5.30 PM

Note: This class is currently on a wait-list. The next class is scheduled to start in June. Please send us an email if you’d like to sign up for that class.

Private Training Programs:

Private Training provides more personalized help with on-leash issues, dog-dog aggression in your home, or a dog that has general difficulty getting along with other dogs. We teach you how to work with your dog or train him for you.

Combo Training Pack:

Combine Group Classes and add personalized help with Private Training training sessions. Choose the package that works best for you.