Puppy Training

L for Learning

And that’s just what puppies are designed to do. Puppyhood (especially the first 16 weeks of your dog’s life) is the best time to lay the foundation for the canine companion of your dreams. If you’re looking forward to a relaxed, easy-going, friendly, confident, well-adjusted adult dog – puppy training that includes systematic socialization and training is the key.

Get relief from puppy shenanigans and a jump-start on a well-mannered adult dog with our Puppy Classes, Private Training, Board & Train programs or a Combination of these that works best for you and your puppy.

Perfect Puppy – Puppy Group Class (for puppies 8 to 16 weeks)

Training should start the day you get your puppy home! Perfect Puppy Group Class with Exclusive “Puppy On The Go” Real Life Public Manners Sessions

Get your pup off to a right start with a class that focuses on safe socialization, prevention of fear & phobias, solutions to common puppy problems, puppy manners — all which should be addressed during the first 3 months of your puppies life. We will cover:

Common Puppy Problems and Solutions – Play Biting, House Training, Crate Training, Alone Time Training (Preventing Separation Anxiety), Chew Training, Resource Guarding, Other Problem Prevention Exercises etc.,

Safe Socialization: what’s appropriate — what isn’t, read your puppy’s body language, introduce different people, dogs, sounds, objects etc., safely & in a way that helps your puppy gain confidence & have fun

Body Handing & Grooming: Teaching your puppy to like having his teeth & body brushed, love a bath, get ears cleaned, restraint & handling for grooming & veterinary visits etc.,

Foundational Obedience: Settle down calmly, Impulse Control, Setting Boundaries, Sit, Down, Leave it, Drop It, Walk Nicely, Come & more

You also have the option to learn how to safely socialize your puppy outdoors in new environments & work on outdoor manners via our Puppy-in-the-World Safe Socialization & Real Life Sessions — where your puppy learns to be calm & confident in the Real World. You can also add a private, personalized in-home consult to answer your pressing puppy raising questions. Voila! The Perfect Puppy!


10 weeks (6 Classroom Sessions + 4 Real Life Public Manners sessions)
Sign up just for classroom sessions or add Real Life Public Manners sessions and make the best of your puppy's learning time


$195 – 6 Classroom Sessions
$180 – 4 Real Life Public Manners Sessions
$295 when you sign up for Classroom & Real Life Public Manners Sessions. Also included in this package: a 30-minute Private Session ($60). Total Savings $140

Add Private Lessons and Save More: $650 for a Perfect Puppy Combo Pack of Classroom Foundation Training, Real Life sessions, 2 Play Groups and 3 Private Training Sessions

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Puppy Playgroups (for puppies 8 to 24 weeks old)

You want a dog with good social skills: One who knows how to get on with her fellow four-legged compatriots. One who plays politely and is always welcome around other dogs. You need Puppy Playgroups— an hour of trainer-supervised play and learning. We bring in well-socialized adult dogs to interact with the puppies, too, to help learn good grown-up manners. Can you think of a better way to spend an hour than watching a group of adorable puppies run about together? Neither can we! Puppy Playgroups are our favorite hour of the week!


45-60 minute play & learn sessions

When & Where: 

San Jose – Downtown Dogs
Saturday 10.00 AM to 10.45 AM

Palo Alto – A Dog’s Life
Saturday – 12.30 PM to 1.15 PM


$15 per session. Please bring cash.


Please bring: Proof of vaccination (one week past the first DHLPP or DHPP vaccine, Bordetalla, Deworming, Fecal test)


Private Puppy Coaching

We’ll help you train your puppy yourself

If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to puppy training we’ll be your “personal coach”. We’ll work in your home, neighborhood, and out-and-about to teach you puppy training basics and lay out a program personalized to your puppy training goals, covering appropriate socialization, basic manners foundation and tackling common puppy problems like house training, biting, chewing, and the like. Plus we’ll show you simple techniques to work on problem prevention to avoid common adult dog issues like phobias, leash aggression and stranger fear. And we’ll do it all on your schedule.


All Puppies


90-minute Initial Consultation and 8 one-hour sessions


Not ready for a full package? Start with an initial consult for $145 for a quick puppy training jump start!

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Private Puppy Day Training

We’ll Train Your Puppy For You

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re busy juggling work and kids and all manner of other responsibilities. We can help by training your puppy for you. Our certified professional trainer will visit your puppy 3-4 times each week, teaching him the rules of polite society in your home and out and about where you need your pup to show off his manners. You can watch us train or tend to your schedule as needed. We’ll meet once a week at a convenient time in your home or outdoors to transfer the training results so you can enjoy your well-behaved puppy. Easy!

Let’s set up the initial consultation first to discuss your goals and do the evaluation.


All puppies


4 weeks
4 training sessions (16 total) & 1 transfer session (4 total) per week


$145 for the Initial Consultation
$2,200 for 20 lessons
Get free enrollment in any Group Class, 6 Puppy Playgroups, On going Phone, Text, Email & Skype support between sessions, 3 months of free phone and email support and one free tune-up session after 30 days. Total saving approximately $450.

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Private Puppy Board & Train

Your Puppy Lives & Learns with Our Trainer

Sometimes you need a fast track to relief and results. Puppy Board & Train is that ticket. Your puppy comes to live with our loving, certified professional trainer. Learning in a home environment means a faster, easier transfer of results when it’s time for your puppy to come home. We’ll customize training to your needs, goals, and lifestyle to maximize success.

Let’s set up the initial consultation to understand your goals, do the evaluation, set up protocols to reduce unwanted behaviors and discuss the training plan to get the behaviors you want.


All puppies


Package One (Puppy Jump Start Package): 10 days living with our trainer + 10 private lessons scheduled at your convenience in and around your neighborhood for extended support and practice

Package Two (Perfect Puppy Package): 4 weeks living with our trainer. Puppy spends the weekends with you


Please check the Puppy Board & Train Page

Contact Us to set up the Initial Consultation

Perfect Puppy Combo Package

Combine Group Classes & Private Training for Extra Puppy Punch

Having trouble deciding between group classes and private training? You don’t have to. With our Perfect Puppy Combo pack you can have the benefits of both. Combine Perfect Puppy class with 3 private training sessions or add more.

Program Details


Puppies 8 to 16 weeks old at start of program


6 one-hour classroom sessions, 4 optional Puppy On The Go Public Manners sessions, 3 private in-home training sessions


$650 for class sessions, field trips, play groups and 3 private lessons – includes 5 puppy playgroups ($75 value) 6 class sessions ($195 value), 4 field trips ($160 value) and private lessons ($330 value). Total Savings $110 when you register for the Combo Package.
Contact Us to Register for the Perfect Puppy Combo Package

Class Locations & Schedule

Start Date: Puppy Classes are Open Enrollment, allowing you to join as soon as you get your puppy, to ensure that you make the best of your puppy’s critical learning time.

San Jose – Downtown Dogs (now enrolling)

Address: 734 S 1st St, San Jose

Class Sessions: Saturday 8.50 to 9.50 AM

Play Group: Saturday 10.00 to 10.45 AM

Real Life Public Manners Sessions: Sunday 11.30 AM  to 12.30 PM

Los Gatos – Pet Food Express (now enrolling)

Address: 15466 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos

Class Sessions: Saturday 5.30 to 6.30 PM

Play Group: Saturday 5.00 to 5.30 PM

Real Life Public Manners Sessions: Sunday 11.30 AM  to 12.30 PM

Saratoga – Pet Food Express (wait-listed – please contact us to enroll)

Address: 12900 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd, Saratoga

Class Sessions: Friday 6.30 to 7.30 PM

Real Life Public Manners Sessions: Sunday 11.30 AM  to 12.30 PM

Palo Alto – A Dog’s Life (now enrolling)

Address: 885 Commercial St, Palo Alto

Class Sessions: Saturday 1.30 to 2.30 PM

Play Group: Saturday 12.30 to 1.15 PM

Real Life Public Manners Sessions: Sunday 11.30 AM  to 12.30 PM

Why choose D for Dog

All reward-based training

Results are great. They’re even better when you get them using the most effective, up-to-date, science based training methods. Read AVSAB statement

Bouquet of options

From Group Classes to Private Training to Board & Train or a Combination. Choose a program that works best for you

Personalized approach

Our private puppy training programs focus on your needs, goals, and lifestyle

Real-life results

Our programs focus on getting you great results, no matter where you are — at home or out in the world

Real-life relief

From potty accidents to puppy biting to chewing on things you didn’t intend as puppy toys and more

Highly credentialed trainer

Our experienced instructor seeks the best in training education in order to give you the best

Unique Open Enrollment Format

AVSAB says that the first three months is the critical learning time in a puppy’s life. Read Article Our open enrollment format helps you join without wasting any time

Small class size

We keep classes small to give you and your dog the individual focus you deserve