Puppy & Dog Training Day School

R for Relief & Results

Puppies don’t come pre programmed with the rules of polite behavior for human society — paying attention, coming when called, peeing in the right places, chewing only their own toys. They don’t come with an off-switch either — for biting, jumping and seemingly endless energy.

Our unique puppy day school program teaches your pup the rules of modern family.

1. Drop your puppy off with our trainer during the day. 2. Enjoy a calmer, better behaved puppy in the evening. 3. Live with a fabulous adult dog for many years to come.

What does your puppy learn?

  • Where to pee — where not to
  • What’s free game for chewing — what isn’t
  • People don’t especially like to be chewed on
  • Being jumped on is also generally frowned upon
  • People come in all shapes and sizes and it’s polite to sit when you greet them
  • The vet is actually trying to help you
  • Cars, bicycles, and squirrels are just going about their business — no need to bark
  • It’s preferred that you walk next to your people rather tan dragging them along behind you
  • It’s appreciated that you come when called — ideally the first time
  • The proper way to help when dinner is being cooked or email is being read is to lie down on your bed
  • Etc.

In short, we’ll send home a calm, happy puppy ready o live alongside her humans in a busy world.


Program Details


Your puppy will have a great time learning his P’s & Q’s

  • Multiple training sessions each day


  • Daily field trips to practice in the real world — coffee shops, restaurants, pet stores, friends’ homes etc.


  • Supervised visits to puppy play groups and play dates with adult dogs to learn proper play skills


  • Lots of love, cuddles, and good chews


And you’ll enjoy lots of support and peace of mind:

  • Free inclusion in our “on-the-go” real-life group classes


  • Two free follow-up sessions for continued support


  • We only use science based training methods, for results you can feel good about


  • Your puppy will be trained by a certified professional dog trainer, for results that last

How does the program work?

  • You drop of puppy off to visit our certified professional dog trainer in her home M-F, receiving lots of training and love in a home environment (We offer flexible drop-off and pick-up times for busy puppy parents)


  • Your puppy spends mornings and weekends with you, ;earning to transfer her skills back home


  • Short 10-minute transfer sessions during drop off each day to cover puppy parenting tips, show you how to enjoy your pup’s new learning, and answer any questions you have