Barking & Jumping

I for Impulse, C for Control

Outta control dog? If you’ve got a barking, jumping, counter-surfing, food stealing, door dashing whirling dervish on your hands, our impulse control programs are the fix. Doggie energy is great, but un-channeled it can be a bit overwhelming.

Unfortunately dogs don’t come pre-programmed with a human rule book. Fortunately, a little reward-based training can help your dog learn that all good things come to dogs who wait calmly for them. Look forward to living with a calm, controlled dog!

Part of being a well-behaved dog is knowing when it’s time to let loose and when a little self control might be appreciated. If your dog could use some self control, choose the impulse control program that best suits your lifestyle.

Impulse Control (Choose the impulse control program best for you):

Barking, Jumping, Counter Surfing, Door Dashing, Oh My!

Living with a dog who has trouble controlling her whims? Perhaps she’s a barker, shouting at you for attention, food, and walkies. Or maybe she’s a jumper, jumping on you and the family for attention, jumping on visitors and strangers to say hello. Or is it dashing—flying past you to be the first to get outside or jump out of the car or step off the curb. Or perhaps a counter surfer? Did the sandwich you made for lunch just disappear from the table? Whatever impulse control issues you’re struggling with, we’ll help you replace these undesirable behaviors with calm focus and acceptable behaviors. Your dog will learn new ways to politely ask for what he wants—and how to wait for it, too.

Impulse Control Day Training

We Train Your Dog For You

Our trainer will train your dog for you in your home and out and about where you need him to be on his best calm behavior. We’ll do the training work so you have more time to focus on all the other tasks on your to-do list, then we’ll transfer the training results to you.

Program Fee: 

$145 for Goal Setting & Assessment Consult + $1,100 for 2 weeks of training (7 training sessions + 2 transfer sessions + 1 fine tuning session)

Impulse Control Private Coaching:

Learn to Train Your Dog in Your Home. We’ll be your private coach

Our trainer will meet you at a time and location convenient to you. These fun sessions with you and your dog will focus on the behaviors you want most. (Or those you’d most like to be rid of!)

Program Fee: 

$145 for Goal Setting & Assessment Consult + $440 for 4 one-hour impulse control training sessions
$515 for an Impulse Control Combo Pack of Basic Manners class + 3 private training sessions

Impulse Control Board & Train

Your Dog Lives & Learns with Our Trainer

Sometimes you need a fast track to relief and results. Board & Train is that ticket. Your dog comes to stay with our loving, certified professional trainer. Learning in a home environment means a faster, easier transfer of results when it’s time for your dog to come home. We’ll customize training to your needs, goals, and lifestyle to maximize success.

Program Fee: 

$145 for Goal Setting & Assessment Consult + $2900 for 10 days of board & train (includes 4 transfer sessions to maximize success back home)

Private Training + Class Combo Packs

Want it all? Combine Group Classes & Private Training

Having trouble deciding between group classes and private training? You don’t have to. With our Combo pack you can have the benefits of both.

Impulse Control Combo Pack

6 weeks of group Basic Manners class + 3 private coaching sessions: $515

Contact Us to register for a Combo Pack

What’s with all the energy?

Our clients and students often ask us why their dogs behave the way they do. Generally the answers are actually pretty simple. When it comes to impulse control issues like barking, jumping, and dashing, there are two usual suspects:

It works

Dogs are simple creatures. We humans have all sorts of emotional motivations behind our behavior. Dogs just do what works. If you feed them or throw the ball when they bark at you, they bark more often. If you pay them attention when they jump on you, they’ll jump more often. It’s really that simple.

One of the secret tricks behind training is learning to control a dog’s coveted resources—food, toys, walkies, attention, etc.—and only provide access when a dog is doing something you like. If you “pay” a dog for unwanted behavior, even accidentally, you get more unwanted behavior—and then you have to un-train it.

Not enough outlets

Impulse control issues are often exacerbated by a lack of regular, vigorous exercise. Exercise won’t cure all, but our clients are always amazed by what a difference it can make. If you’re looking for more chill time from your dog, add more mental & physical exercise.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for regular canine exercise time, consider hiring a professional dog walker and use interactive food dispensing toys to get the job done for you. The peace at home will be worth every penny.